What’s the best Edge Control?

imageOne of the most important things is keeping those edges Layed after you have left the salon. First you need a good product. I have 3 favorites : Remember, edge tamer works best on clean hair, after a week or so you may need to take a damp washcloth and clean the buildup off your edges and then proceed to use your favorite edge control.

1. 24 hr Edge pomade approx $8 Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer (24Hr EXTRA MEGA HOLD 4oz)

2. Design Essentials original Edge Tamer approx. $10-$15 Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control for Firm Hold and Styling- 2.3oz

3. Creme of Nature approx $6 Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges, 2.25 Ounce

The 24 hr Edge Control is a gel pomade and does work well with all hair types in my experience. The great thing is they also sell it in colored formulas such as black and brown to fill in those thin edges and hide those silver hairs. Sometimes it makes the hair curl up as if u just put water on it. Design Essentials has more of a thicker consistency and and is more universal for all hair types, just a little pricey. But it works . Creme of Nature is a mix between Hicks and Design Essentials. It may not hold as long but it will get you through a few hours and it’s only 6 bucks. So just keep it in your purse and touch it up when you need to. Out of all 3, Design Essentials has the longest hold in my opinion. Hope this helps !

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