What is a Sew In?

A sew in is a hairstyle method used to add hair extensions to your hair/head. Your natural hair is braided in a special pattern tailored to your desired hairstyle. You will have the choice of no leave out or minimum leave out. You can also choose a full sew in with no leave out , a side part sew in, middle part sew in, or deep side part sew in. Lace closure sew in and Lace frontal sew ins are also an option that are more extensive. You will have the option of using a weaving net for added protection. Finally, the wefted bundles of hair are sewn on to the braided foundation. Last but not least, its time for styling. You can wear the hair in its natural state or ask for your hair extensions to be curled or flat ironed. If you left any of your natural hair out, it will be blended into the style.Wand curls  and loose waves are cute options as well. Traditional sew ins normally take 3 to 4 hours to install and will last 6 to 8 weeks. Regular biweekly maintenance is recommended. It is very important to nurture you scalp and and hair underneath.  Wearing a protective style is not an excuse to neglect your natural hair.


What is a Lace Closure Sew In?

A Lace Closure Sew In consists of no natural hair leave out. All of your hair is braided and a weave net is added to the braids for security and protection. Once the braiding is complete and the weaving net is sewn down, the lace closure is sewn onto the base followed by the install of the bundles. If necessary, the lace closure is tweezed along the parting to create a more defined part. Styling is done as normal, with a flat iron or curling iron. Lace closure sew ins require a little more maintenance than a traditional sew in. As your natural hair begins to grow, it is normal for your lace closure to start moving back from its original place. Depending on the amount of new growth, it is possible that you will need to have your lace closure readjusted during your sew in maintenance appointment . Lace closure sew ins can last 4-6 weeks.Sometimes longer,  depending on how fast your hair grows.


Lace Frontal Sew In 


A lace frontal sew in consists of a lace frontal hair piece and 2 to 4 bundles of  wefted hair. No natural hair is left out and the lace frontal can be applied with adhesive or got2b glued gel. Lace frontal sew ins are very high maintenance and must be removed and re applied at least every 2 wks. The bundles are going to be fine but the lace frontal itself will need to be reapplied in 2 to 3 weeks.


What is a Quickweave?

In my opinion, there is nothing quick about a quickweave. Its another form of adding hair extensions but bonding glue is used instead of a needle and thread. The natural hair is molded down or braided down and a protective cap is placed over the hair. Once that is done, the wefted hair is applied with bonding glue.  A quickweave can last 3 to 4 weeks and must be carefully removed using a bonding glue remover.

How does the Best Friend Friday Special work?

Its simple, you and a friend book for the Best Friend Friday special, its best you come together but I don’t mind if you come 30 min-1hr apart. Pay the required deposit and you are good to go.

What nail service options do I have to choose from?


I, JNicole specialize in unique acrylic design when it comes to nails.You can choose from a basic acrylic fullset or overlay with regular or gel polish,  done with acrylic products. If you have a certain look in mind and are not sure what to book for, just send me a picture of the desired look and I’ll respond with my recommendation. Gel polish is additional $15

***All appointments take at least 2 hours to complete, please book accordingly.